What’s Going On At Haven?

Posted On June 25

Hey Haven members. Just a few months away from our 2 year anniversary and over 400 members strong. We wanted to give an update on what’s happening at our gym with our Jiu Jitsu and other programs.

Our Jiu Jitsu program continues to grow . Class sizes have become so robust that we are utilizing every bit of mat space we have. Even with this recent nice weather we continue having record class attendance. Haven recently competed at Grappling Industries in Buffalo taking 1st place in both the Adult and Kids divisions. All competitors did a great job listening to their coaches and sticking to the game plan. For any of our members who have been on the fence about competing we have Grappling Industries Syracuse coming up Sunday, July 23rd. Competition rounds are great experience and will turbocharge your progress. The Saturday 10:10am Open Mat has been turned into a competition class until after the Syracuse competition. Join us and be as prepared as possible for the competition. Also don’t forget about our amazing referral program. If you get someone who joins for a year program we offer prepaid credit cards. $100 for adult and older kids memberships. $50 for kids and womens class.

Our yoga program continues to grow. Our average number of students per class is way up from just 6 months ago, and just recently in our Thursday Restorative Yoga class we had our record attendance for one class. We’re going to need more yoga props! We are in the process of looking for a substitute teacher for future classes we will not be able to cover. We truly appreciate our growing yoga community.

Haven’s Muay Thai classes have quite literally been kicking butt. We love the fact that our community has been bringing in referrals and helping grow our program with the amazing Matt Getman.

Haven’s Cardio Kickboxing classes continue to be solid. It’s awesome to see Coach Josh’s student’s fitness & strength continue to improve. Everyone has such a great and supportive attitude.

Lots going on at Haven Jiu Jitsu! Stay tuned as we plan to keep you updated more frequently on what is happening at our awesome gym.


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