Grappling Industries Buffalo – We Took First!

Posted On June 6

In case you missed it our gym took first overall at Grappling Industries Buffalo. To say how proud I am of everyone who competed would be an understatement. Everyone who said they could make it showed up and anyone who couldn’t make it canceled ahead of time.

The competitors all listened and stuck to the game plan. All the kids and adults represented the school by being kind to everyone they went against and being the best of sports. For all the students that didn’t compete thank you for being amazing training partners helping the competitors take first as a team. We would not be winning all these tournaments without EVERYONE’S help.

Keep making Haven the best school around everyone and stay focused for our next tournament in Syracuse. If you have been on the fence ask anyone who competed. Whether it was their first tournament or 50th tournament everyone had a great time.

See everyone on the mats this week so we can continue to become moderately ok at Jiu Jitsu.


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