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"Being military I’ve moved plenty and trained under many coaches his instructional is the best. His approach to HBG is comprehensive, systematic, and ends in a variety of high percentage sweeps and submissions, all while being low risk."

- Clark Petri, BJJ Purple Belt

"Ben has created an easy to follow system with powerful combinations and techniques to devastate any opponent. No BS, No Fluff and Straight to the point, these are techniques that actually work. "

What You'll Get Today:

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  • Homebase Series
  • Rubber Guard Series
  • Submission Breakdowns
  • Submission Defense
  • Spider Guard
  • Lasso Guard
  • Deep Half Guard
  • Pass Every Guard Including De La Riva, Half Guard, Knee Shield, Lasso Guard, Spider Guard.. And More!
  • Closed Guard Sweeps
  • Facebook Group Access
  • New Content Added Every Week!
  • And More!


Hear from our students

“Professor Tallini’s half butterfly guard DVD provides a comprehensive look in to what makes a complete guard at a competitive level. Aside from technical instruction, the conceptual guidelines on how to navigate through your options so that you never find yourself out of position, take it to the next level. “

Jason Iorio, BJJ Blue Belt

"The way it is cataloged makes it very easy to pick what you want to work on and get right to the point, as most segments last no longer than a minute or 2. Since I'm a black belt and run a program of my own, I can literally plan months of curriculum in a very organized way. No doubt I will be using this as a resource for myself and my students for years to come."

Marc Gervais, BJJ Black Belt





Get access to our online academy and exclusive Gi and No-Gi training content!




Get access to our online academy and exclusive Gi and No-Gi training content and exclusive guest training courses!

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