Group photo of Haven Jiu Jitsu school members at the Syracuse Grappling Industries competition, showcasing a mix of adults and kids in team attire.

Haven Jiu Jitsu: From Underdogs to #9 in the Nation!

Hey there, Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts. Guess what? Our Haven Jiu Jitsu crew just pulled off something epic at the Syracuse Grappling Industries competition on November 18th. We’re not just talking wins; we’re talking about climbing the ranks to become the #9 competition school on Smoothcomp in the whole nation! –> Adult Team Triumph Our adult

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Haven Jiu Jitsu: Where Passion Meets Purpose in Martial Arts

*Embark on a Journey of Fitness and Empowerment at Haven Jiu Jitsu* Welcome to Haven Jiu Jitsu, a sanctuary where the spirit of martial arts and the essence of holistic wellness harmonize. Nestled in the heart of our community, Haven Jiu Jitsu stands as a beacon of empowerment, offering a variety of programs tailored to

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"Haven Jiu-Jitsu team members posing with medals at the 2023 IBJJF World Masters Championship."

Haven Jiu-Jitsu’s Triumph at the 2023 IBJJF World Masters: Exceptional Performances and Belt Promotions on the Podium

The year 2023 marked a historic chapter for Haven Jiu-Jitsu, as our talented athletes left an indelible mark on the mats at the prestigious IBJJF World Masters Championship. Among the standout moments were the remarkable performances of Jason Iorio, Jerry Martin, Josh Smith, Hannah Wight, and Joe Gorsuch. In this blog post, we’ll relive the

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Group photo of Haven Jiu-Jitsu competitors at the IBJJF New York International Open.

Haven Jiu-Jitsu Shines at IBJJF New York International Open

The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of dedication, discipline, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. On August 5th, at the prestigious IBJJF New York International Open, competitors from Haven Jiu-Jitsu showcased their skills and left an indelible mark on the mats of Hofstra University. Their remarkable performances not only highlighted their technical prowess but

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Building Champions: A Recap of Our In-House Kid’s Jiu-Jitsu Competition

As the sun rose outside of Haven on a bright Saturday morning, our gym was abuzz with excitement, laughter, and a palpable sense of camaraderie. Parents and coaches beamed with pride as our young martial artists geared up for the highly anticipated in-house kid’s jiu-jitsu competition. It was a day dedicated to celebrating not only

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What’s Going On At Haven?

Hey Haven members. Just a few months away from our 2 year anniversary and over 400 members strong. We wanted to give an update on what’s happening at our gym with our Jiu Jitsu and other programs. Our Jiu Jitsu program continues to grow . Class sizes have become so robust that we are utilizing

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