Haven Jiu Jitsu

Affiliate Program

Our Affiliates

In our team, we are all about being there for each other and helping one another reach the highest level of excellence. We support a close family atmosphere where everyone can be independent while working together as part-of something bigger than themselves -a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community that continues on with its legacy in bringing authentic martial arts to their community.

Ironworks Gym

Binghamton, NY

Established in 2009, Ironworks Gym is an old school training facility with a community atmosphere. In addition to our extensive offering of strength and condition equipment, our mat space is available to all members for general use and our jiu jitsu collective welcomes individuals of all abilities into the world of grappling. 

Fingerprint access, competitive rates, and the best members at any gym in Binghamton- join the movement!


Finger Lakes MArtial Arts Center

Geneva, NY

Established in 2003, The Finger Lakes Martial Arts Center is a family school where all students are taught in an environment of mutual respect. Initially a Hung Ga Kung Fu school, we now offer a full schedule of Jiu Jitsu class to students of all ages and ability levels