Seminars, Seminars, and More Seminars to Prepare for BJJ Competitions

Posted On December 7

Judo Martial Arts Karate Jiu Jitsu in greater Syracuse
Big Rob White’s Seminar

What a crazy week it was at Haven Jiu Jitsu! We finished up our competition prep and now we focus on staying healthy and waiting for the Grappling Industries tournament (in Syracuse, on December 11th).

To get everyone ready to compete, we hosted a couple of seminars. Our first seminar was with Rich D’Amico, who taught us wrestling set ups. We had a great turnout, and it was nice seeing Rich in his element – on the mats. Next, “Big” Rob White taught a Judo seminar. Because we are so grateful for all of you making Haven the amazing place that it is, both seminars were free to members. Check out our instagram to see some clips from the Judo and Wrestling seminar.

In last week’s classes, we covered:

  • Kids: Knee tap and then the roll under
  • Gi and no gi: Closed guard to guillotine. If they defend the guillotine, then the Cow catcher

This week we focus on making weight and making sure we stay healthy for the tournament. I cannot stress this enough. These tournaments are all about the experience. You will be nervous, but you’ll feel better once you’re on the mats. Win or lose – show up, work hard, and have fun. Oh, and listen to your coach! 😉

Ben Tallini

Have You Heard About Our Local Partnerships?

We are all about forming partnerships that support local businesses and organization. Haven Jiu Jitsu is now partnering with Powerhouse Gym Baldwinsville, which is also located in River Mall plaza. Powerhouse Gym has the best strength training equipment, cardio equipment, and trainers to support your journey. Haven Members are eligible for $0 enrollment plus 1 month free at Powerhouse Gym Baldwinsville. Powerhouse Members are eligible for $50 off fees for a 1 year commitment at Haven!

Don’t miss a chance to save 15% off pizza at Cam’s Pizzeria in Camillus! Check out our flyer here to learn how.

We are very proud of our participation with the Adopt a Cop BJJ program. Learn more about these partnerships and more here.


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