Haven Jiu Jitsu Triumphs at Grappling Industries Saratoga Springs

Posted On May 30

Last Saturday, our team from Haven Jiu Jitsu competed at the Grappling Industries tournament in Saratoga Springs, and they did an amazing job! Here’s a rundown of their fantastic achievements:

**Bret Colvin: Double Gold Winner**

Bret Colvin was the star of the day, winning two gold medals in his divisions. His hard work and dedication really paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of his outstanding performance.

**Taylor Montville: Gold Medal Champion**

Taylor Montville also shone brightly, taking home a gold medal. Taylor’s skills and determination were evident in every match, proving once again why he’s such a strong competitor.

**Jake Chemotti: Silver Medalist**

Jake Chemotti earned a well-deserved silver medal. His matches were tough, but Jake fought hard and showed great resilience, securing his spot on the podium.

**Kacper Koziol: Bronze Medalist**

Kacper Koziol rounded out our medal winners with a bronze medal. Kacper’s effort and perseverance were commendable, and his bronze finish is a testament to his hard work.

**Celebrating Our Team’s Success**

Overall, it was a fantastic day for Haven Jiu Jitsu. Our athletes not only demonstrated their skills but also their sportsmanship and team spirit. We’re incredibly proud of Bret, Taylor, Jake, and Kacper for their achievements and for representing Haven Jiu Jitsu so well.

A big thank you to all our coaches, training partners, and supporters who helped make this success possible. We’re excited for more competitions and victories in the future. Go Haven Jiu Jitsu!


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