Haven Jiu Jitsu Shines at the IBJJF New Jersey Open

Posted On June 20

Haven Jiu Jitsu had an amazing weekend at the IBJJF New Jersey Open! Our team did great, and we’re excited to share the news about how our athletes performed and how their overall IBJJF rankings have improved in their respective divisions.

Impressive Rankings

Here’s how our team members did in their overall IBJJF divisional rankings:

• Jason Ladd – Jason is now ranked 3rd overall in his division. His hard work and smart strategies really paid off this weekend.

• Nick Newman – Nick moved up to 4th place overall in his division. His skills and determination were on full display.

• Adam Groesbeck – Adam is now ranked 12th overall. His consistent effort and tactical approach showed in his matches.

• Joe Gorsuch – Joe climbed to 11th overall in his division. His strong performance and strategic play earned him this new rank.

• Jerry Martin – Jerry is now 21st overall in his division. His persistence and growth were evident at the competition.

• Jason Iorio – Jason moved up to 18th place overall. His focus and technical skills were key to his success.

• Josh Smith – Although Josh didn’t compete in this event, he’s currently ranked 24th overall in his division.

Looking Forward

The success at the IBJJF New Jersey Open is a proud moment for Haven Jiu Jitsu. It shows how hard our athletes have worked and how much support they’ve received from coaches and the community. This is just the beginning, and we’re looking forward to even more achievements in the future.

We’re so proud of our team and their performances. As we keep training for future competitions, we’re confident that Haven Jiu Jitsu will continue to rise in the rankings and make a big impact in the Jiu Jitsu world.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating our team’s success. Let’s keep moving forward together!


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