Halloween Bash at Haven Jiu Jitsu

Posted On November 3

Halloween Bash at Haven Jiu Jitsu

What a crazy, yet amazing, week at Haven Jiu Jitsu! With the help of Ed Gonzalez, we started the week by recording some phenomenal drone footage. Ed is going to be putting together a promo for the gym using this footage. All the way from New Jersey, my good friend Alex Potts (Bellator veteran) came in to visit the gym this week. It was nice to see that he is still on top of his game. With over 100 people, Halloween at Haven was a massive success. We played games, bounced on bounce houses, had our faces painted, and ate delicious food. Thank you to all who came to celebrate with us!

Through our TLMA partnership we were able to raise another $60 towards all our LEO premium memberships. Keep buying the sweet TLMA swag and helping support the LEOs that train at Haven.

Last week, we covered a myriad of takedowns.

Adult gi class: the Uchimata series

Adult No Gi and kids classes: Duck Under to back series

Women’s classes: self-defense against a right hand to body lock.

This week, we will continue the uchimata series in gi. We will move on to the Russian series in no gi. Kids and women will start learning the black double.

Don’t forget that you can donate your bottles and can returns to help sponsor our competitors at the Baldwinsville Bottle and Can Return. We also have our Realtor Self Defense seminar coming up on the 20th of November. Keep up the grind. See you on the mats.


Have You Heard About Our Local Partnerships?

We are all about forming partnerships that support local businesses and organization. Haven Jiu Jitsu is now partnering with Powerhouse Gym Baldwinsville, which is also located in River Mall plaza. Powerhouse Gym has the best strength training equipment, cardio equipment, and trainers to support your journey. Haven Members are eligible for $0 enrollment plus 1 month free at Powerhouse Gym Baldwinsville. Powerhouse Members are eligible for $50 off fees for a 1 year commitment at Haven!

Don’t miss a chance to save 15% off pizza at Cam’s Pizzeria in Camillus! Check out our flyer here to learn how.

We are very proud of our participation with the Adopt a Cop BJJ program. Learn more about these partnerships and more here.


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