First Week Open

Posted On September 7

Haven Jiu Jitsu has officially been open for one week and there is so much to talk about! First, we are excited to announce that we have more than doubled our startup student base to about 80! We want to thank our students, both seasoned and new, for joining us in this amazing journey. In addition, we are appreciative for the support that we have received from other Syracuse / Central New York BJJ students who have stopped in to visit, roll, and in some cases, join the Haven Jiu Jitsu family. Next, we are grateful for the support that we have received from the amazing Baldwinsville community. We are proud to call this amazing place home to our family, and now our business.

Some of our window signage was installed this week, but we still have more to go. We are hopeful that the red stripe will make it easier for everyone to find us when they drive into the River Mall Plaza. We appreciate that everyone has taken the time to find us despite our signage obstacles. Stay tuned for our large backlit sign that will be out front soon!

This week has been a learning experience for the staff at Haven as we learn Rainmaker, our membership software. It is a fantastic program, with many diverse capabilities, but it is certainly a learning curve. We thank you for your patience as we learn how to navigate the software and apologize for any spam that you may have received!

Congratulations to Haven Jiu Jitsu Member Jason Iorio

We were able to take time during class to watch Haven Jiu Jitsu member, Jason Iorio, take second at IBJJF Pans on the big screen. Considering this was Jason’s first big tournament as a purple belt, this is an amazing accomplishment. This sets him up for a strong seeding at Worlds in November. Congratulations Jason! You make up proud!

This past week in our adult classes, we covered the beginning of a tripod pass (gi) and knee shield to stand up (no gi). Our kids learned to scissor sweep and overhand right to body lock. This week, in adult gi, we will be building on what we have worked on with the tripod pass to 100% pass. In adult no gi, we will work on knee shield to front headlock and the beginning of the back take series. Our kids will be working on back breakfalls to technical standup, hip heist with spider hands, and will begin practicing passing closed guard.

Don’t forget to follow the Haven YouTube channel for the weekly curriculum. Our yearly contract members, remember that you have received a free subscription to Please utilize the content on our website to sharpen your new skills and maybe even learn something new!

Are you interested in helping out our competition team?

Haven Jiu Jitsu partners with the Baldwinsville Bottle and Can Return, making it easy to donate 100% of the proceeds from your returns to help with our competition team’s registration fees. Learn more about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, our participation with the Adopt a Cop BJJ program, and more by browsing through our website.


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