Haven Jiu Jitsu’s Fighters Shine at LaceUp Kickboxing

Posted On March 13

At the recent LaceUp Kickboxing event in Pulaski, Haven Jiu Jitsu, a gym that’s been making waves in the martial arts community, sent two of their fighters to compete. Despite being relatively new to the Muay Thai scene, the gym, under the guidance of coach Matt Getman, is already showing that they mean business. Johnny Diak and Jordan Mull were the fighters representing Haven, and they both made their gym proud with their performances.

Johnny Diak fought with heart and skill, managing to win his fight through a decision. His victory is a big deal because it shows that the training at Haven Jiu Jitsu, even though their Muay Thai program is fairly new, is top-notch. Diak’s ability to stick to his game plan and outsmart his opponent in the ring is a testament to the quality coaching and hard work put in at the gym.

On the other hand, Jordan Mull’s fight was a nail-biter. He fought incredibly well, and to many watching, it seemed like he did enough to win. Unfortunately, the judges saw it differently and awarded the decision to his opponent. It was a close call, and even though Mull didn’t get the win, his performance was nothing short of impressive. It’s one of those situations where the scorecards don’t tell the whole story. Mull showcased his skills and determination, proving that he’s a fighter to watch out for in the future.

The fact that Haven Jiu Jitsu is already sending fighters to compete at events like LaceUp speaks volumes about their Muay Thai program led by Matt Getman. Starting a new program in a gym is no small feat, and getting fighters ready to compete and perform well at such a level, in a short amount of time, highlights the dedication and quality of training happening at Haven.

The mixed outcomes for Haven’s fighters at LaceUp—Diak’s win and Mull’s tough loss—reflect the unpredictable nature of combat sports. Yet, both outcomes are valuable. Diak’s victory is a clear indicator of success, while Mull’s loss, despite his strong showing, serves as motivation. It shows that even when you put in a great performance, there are always lessons to be learned and areas to improve. This is the kind of experience that fuels fighters to come back stronger.

Haven Jiu Jitsu’s venture into Muay Thai is off to a promising start. With passionate fighters like Johnny Diak and Jordan Mull, and a dedicated coach like Matt Getman leading the way, the gym’s Muay Thai program is set to grow and achieve even greater success. The performances at the LaceUp event are just the beginning. The gym’s commitment to excellence in martial arts, whether it’s Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai, is clear. The future looks bright for Haven Jiu Jitsu and its fighters, and the martial arts community will surely be watching closely.


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