2023: A Year of Triumphs, Takedowns, and Thanks at Haven Jiu Jitsu

Posted On December 29

Hey there, Haven Jiu Jitsu family and friends!

As the year draws to a close, we can’t help but look back with a sense of pride and gratitude. It’s been a phenomenal year for us at Haven Jiu Jitsu, and it’s all thanks to you – our amazing members!

A Community Like No Other

First things first, let’s talk about our incredible growth this year. We’ve seen so many new faces join our Haven family, and it’s been fantastic watching our community grow. Each one of you brings something special to our mats, and we’re so grateful for the energy, dedication, and camaraderie you all share.

Expanding Our Schedule, Expanding Our Skills

We’ve also spiced up our class schedule, adding new sessions to cater to our growing family. It’s been awesome to see more options for everyone, whether you’re an early bird catching the morning class or a night owl at our evening sessions. These new classes mean more opportunities to train, improve, and have fun – and we’ve loved every minute of it!

Tournament Triumphs

Let’s not forget our smashing success in local Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Both our kids and adult divisions have shown what Haven Jiu Jitsu is all about – skill, spirit, and sportsmanship. Watching our team compete and support each other has been a highlight of the year. Whether it was a first-time competitor or a seasoned pro, you all brought your A-game and made us proud.

Looking Ahead

As we roll into the new year, we’re excited to keep this momentum going. We’ve got big plans, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Here’s to more growth, more grappling, and even more greatness in the coming year!

A Heartfelt Thank You

We just want to end this year by saying a massive thank you to every one of you. Whether you’re a member, a coach, or a supporter, you’re the heart of Haven Jiu Jitsu. Here’s to you and all the fantastic moments we’ve shared this year. 

Here’s to another year of rolling together!

The Team at Haven Jiu Jitsu 🥋


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